Who We Are

Guided by Intelligence, Driven by Opportunity

In the early 2000s, the firm’s three founding partners, Rodney B. Herenton, Wendell E. Mackey, CFA and Eric T. McKissak, CFA (retired), embarked on a journey. After building successful careers at prominent investment firms, these three entrepreneurs found themselves seeking something beyond the conventional. Their goal was to create a boutique investment firm dedicated to helping clients secure stronger financial futures through niche opportunities in the equity markets.

Identifying a niche

Recognizing that investing in public equities was in their DNA, the founding partners forged a philosophy and methodology centered on opportunistic investing, with a specific focus on U.S. small- and mid-cap value equity markets. In 2003, with a well-defined vision, a meticulously crafted plan, and a distinct investment strategy, they launched Channing Capital Management.

Building on success

More than two decades later, Channing not only remains committed to our flagship small-cap value strategy but we’ve expanded our investment offerings through strategic partnerships with boutique managers, each with unique expertise in various opportunistic strategies.

We remain true to our founding principles, combining intelligence, expertise, and opportunistic vision to help our clients secure strong financial futures. Our legacy is built on a foundation of wisdom, sound investment practices, and a commitment to delivering enduring value for investors.

Founded 2003

Channing Capital Management

Founded by Rodney B. Herenton, Wendell E. Mackey, CFA, and Eric T. McKissak, CFA (retired), Channing Capital Management is an independent, employee-owned boutique investment management company providing advisory services for institutional investors and individual investors.

AUM: $3.5 billion (as of Dec. 31, 2023)
Employees: 19
Experience: Investment team has more than 100 years of experience
Approach: Intrinsic Value
Process: Research-intensive, fundamental and bottom-up
Strategies: Small-Cap, SMID-Cap, Large-Cap, All-Cap, and Micro Cap Value

Channing At A Glance

As guardians of our clients’ investments, we draw inspiration from the regal owl who portrays intelligence, precision, patience, and stewardship. Like this noble creature, Channing embodies these and other virtues essential to the success of our valued clients.

“Channing,” a name of Old English origin meaning wise or knowledgeable, and the owl are emblematic of the profound wisdom and expertise we dedicate to our work as seen in our logo.

“Our growth is the result of our commitment to intrinsic value investing”

– Rodney B. Herenton, Co-Founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Channing Capital Management